Drarry RP: Harry POV #1 (part 2)

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Ok Caitlin, I owe you your role play so here it is. If elements of smut/gay sex/role play/poorly written romance offend you i suggest you do not read more.

Harry dropped his phone onto the kitchen table and breathed deep, struggling to inhale before breathing out in a loud huff. His diaphragm felt positively constricted with little butterflies of anxiety and it was making rather light headed. It had been a while since his last encounter with Draco, a few years now. It felt like much longer. It seemed to him that he could barely remember the face of the fair haired boy who had, for so long, been the bane of his existence. What if he was changed completely? His stomach lurched and he silently cursed himself for sending that damn owl. If Draco had cared to see him after their last less-than-ideal encounter he would’ve written or visited or something instead of avoiding him. Or maybe it was Harry had been doing the avoiding. But it was too late to change his mind now. If he’d chosen to apparate, then Draco would be at his door any second. As if in response to his thoughts, Harry’s phone buzzed once. 

From: Draco Malfoy

Let me in.

Harry smiled at the text. Clearly Draco had learned from previous visits about the dangers of ringing the door bell. Harry padded into the hallway, passing the thick, musty curtains that hid the screaming portrait of Mrs. Black. He paused in front of the door to regain his composure as his heart was now threatening to lodge itself in his throat like a snitch, then with as much repose as he could muster he swung the door open. 

The thin, pinched face of Draco Malfoy stare back at him, exactly as it should be and had always been. 

"Certainly took you long enough," Draco muttered under his breath, brushing past Harry. He even smelled to same. Harry closed the door and followed him into the kitchen, where he immediately began removing his outer clothes. Harry grinned as he shucked off his smart black over coat, revealing a thick green sweater underneath, and suddenly all of his apprehension was gone and Draco was just a boy again instead of some strange man.

"Your mum give you that?" he sniggered, indicating the sweater. Draco looked confused for a moment, then glanced down at his sweater. His ears flushed scarlet and Harry could tell that the abrupt jibe had taken him off guard. 

"Stuff it, Potter," Draco hissed, "it was a present."

"Really?" Harry asked sarcastically, biting back another quip about Draco’s resemblance to a blowfish. That was probably not actually a good idea. He couldn’t afford to drive Draco off again

Draco eyed him with suspicion then dropped his coat on the kitchen bench and looked around.